A Gift to Myself

Even though I am an out Queer person, I don’t see myself as represented. I see elements of myself, but I have to be looking for them. My goal is to express my unique voice, and hopefully learn from many others.

Improv provides people an opportunity to express themselves in a truthful way.

Personally, after losing 300lbs in my 30’s I’ve been reinvented so to speak. Improv has aided me in my path of discovering who I am.

Improv has taught me how to take what’s offered to me, and learn how to say “yes, and” leading to a world of possibilities. As a survivor who lives with PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, improv has helped me handle situations with more confidence, and expand my way of looking at things. It’s my hope to encourage as many people to explore their truth through improv.

I’ve been learning improv since March 2016. It was a 40th birthday gift to myself. In this past year I’ve developed so many “improv crushes” on people in the classes, and on stage. It’s been an amazing experience watching people discover their own self in context of the stage.