MAX Ottawa works to expand its reach of harm reduction supplies at GayZone

MAX Ottawa is happy to announce we are providing harm reduction services at Gay Zone, every Thursday, from 5 to 8 pm, at 420 cooper street. All GBT2Q guys living in the nation’s capital region are welcome to access the service. 

What can I expect from the harm reduction service?

  • FREE consumption, safer sex, and injection supplies
  • Naloxone Training
  • Answers to questions related to harm reduction, consumption, and injection
  • Referral to other services (Sexual health, mental health, social health, harm reduction, and safer consumption sites)

Do I need to present identification documents to access the service?

No. The service can be accessed anonymously. 

Is the service offered in multiple languages?

No. The service is currently only offered in English.

Is there any cost associated with this harm reduction service?

No. The service is completely free. 

How do I access the service?

Enter the building at 420 Cooper Street. When you enter the lobby, you should see volunteers wearing Gay Zone t-shirts. If you ask them for directions, they will be able to guide you to our room. 

Do I need an appointment?

No. The service is offered on a walk-in basis. 

What are the free consumption, safer sex and injection supplies?

  • Condoms (regular, large, latex-free)
  • Lube
  • Fisting Gloves
  • Booty Bumping Kits
  • GHB Dosing Kits; Snorting Kits
  • Meth pipes
  • Syringes (Insulin, 3ml and 5ml)
  • Needle tips (18G x 1’’ & 1.5’’; 22G x 1.5’’ ; 23G x 1’’ & 1.5’’) 
  • Alcohol pads
  • Tourniquets
  • Naloxone kits.

Is this a safe consumption site?

No. But we will be glad to show you locations and how to access safe consumption sites. 

What if I want to talk to someone about reducing my substance use?

Our peer harm reduction workers can help connect you to our health and wellness navigators. They will be able to assess your goals and orient you towards the appropriate services. 

You can also connect directly with the navigation team by email: navigation@maxottawa.ca 

Have any other questions related to the harm reduction service?

Connect with our Community Programs Manager by email (matt@maxottawa.ca) or by phone (613-440-3237 ext:104).

MAX Ottawa

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