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Ressources communautaires à Ottawa

Que vous vouliez vous joindre à une équipe GBT2Q ou à un groupe de support dans la région d’Ottawa, ici vous trouverez une liste de ressources communautaires pour les gars qui aiment les gars.


Algonquin Pride Centre

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The Pride Centre is a safe, open, inclusive, non-discriminating space for all students of Algonquin College no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Pride Centre is a drop in space that provides a safe and welcoming environment and offers peer support, resources, events, education, and more.

  • 613-724-4723 Ext:7711

Bruce House

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Bruce House is a community-based organization providing housing, compassionate care and support in Ottawa for people living with HIV and AIDS, based on the belief that everyone has the right to live and die with dignity.

  • 613-729-0911

Bureau des services à la jeunesse d’Ottawa

Nous nous engageons à offrir un environnement sécuritaire et accessible qui ne porte pas de jugement, où les personnes de 12 ans et plus peuvent poursuivre leurs objectifs de vie et être encouragés à prendre des décisions éclairées.

  • 613-729-1000

Carleton Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre

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The Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre (GSRC) aims to be a safe(r) space for Carleton students of all gender identities and sexual orientations through education, advocacy, and support.

  • 613-520-2600 Ext: 3723

Centre Canadien pour la Diversité des Genres et de la Sexualité

L’aspiration du Centre canadien pour la diversité des genres et de la sexualité est d’appuyer et de transformer les communautés canadiennes et indigènes d’un océan à l’autre, selon une vision partagée d’un monde sans discrimination qui célèbre la diversité des genres et de la sexualité.

  • 613-400-1875

Centre de la fierté Uottawa

Le Centre de la fierté de la Fédération étudiante de l’Université d’Ottawa est un service étudiant qui vise à faire la promotion, sensibilisation, et soutenir la diversité sexuelle, du genre, et du sexe.

  • 613-562-5800 x3161

Chœur Gai d’Ottawa

Chœur Gai d’Ottawa est un groupe local, indépendant dont la mission est d’effectuer une  chorale de qualité et de contribuer au bien-être de la communauté LGBTQ.

Gais Francophones de l’Outaouais

Ce groupe a été créé afin de permettre à la communauté gaie francophone et francophile de l’Outaouais, incluant de la région d’Ottawa, de communiquer en ligne et d’organiser des activités. Visiter le lien internet pour plus d’informations. 

Gay Ottawa Volleyball

Ce groupe fonctionne majoritairement en Anglais.

The Gay Ottawa Volleyball (GOV) league is a volunteer, non-profit volleyball league catered mainly to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, and LGBTQ-friendly within the National Capital Region (NCR). The league provides an inclusive and fun environment, but also serves as a healthy social venue for the LGBTQ community in NCR.


Gender Mosaic

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Provide varied forums and resources to assist in the personal development, growth, and contact of its members with the transgendered community.



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Kind (formerly known as Pink Triangle Services) is dedicated to providing a diverse, protective, and nonjudgmental environment for individuals to explore and understand their gender and sexuality through their intersecting identities and experiences. Kind offers peer-run discussion groups, counseling services, and educational programs in a diverse and sex-positive environment.


  • 613-563-4818

Le comité du sida d’Ottawa

Fournis des services de soutien, de prévention, d’éducation et de sensibilisation à partir d’un cadre de justice sociale, antiraciste et anti-oppressif qui favorise le bien-être holistique des personnes qui vivent avec ou qui sont touchées par le VIH/sida à Ottawa.

  • (613) 238-5014

Manajiwin (LGBTTQ+ Fitness)

Ce groupe fonctionne majoritairement en Anglais.

Kind and Odawa want to offer LGBTTQ communities a workout/fitness space where the emphasis is you doing the exercise/weight training you want to do in a pressure-free environment. Manajiwin is about personal fitness the way you want it.

Ottawa Bears

Ce groupe fonctionne majoritairement en Anglais.

A social group for hairy men and their admirers. Bar night every Friday at Swizzles (246B Queen Street) and monthly brunches and other social activities, such as games or movie nights. Mr. Ottawa Bear competition held in August.

Ottawa Date Squares (square dancing)

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The Ottawa Date Squares is a gay and lesbian friendly club open to absolutely everyone in the National Capital region and elsewhere who wishes to learn modern square dancing in a friendly, welcoming, sociable, fun and active setting.

  • 613-820-8858

Ottawa Frontrunners

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Ottawa Frontrunners is a running and walking club for members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered (GLBT) community and friends. Located in Ottawa, Ontario, it is Canada’s national capital chapter of International Frontrunners. We have runners of various ages and skill levels and typically have groups going between 5 and 10 km (3 and 6 miles) at various paces. Walkers are also members of the club, consisting usually of runners on the injury list and partners or friends of runners.

Ottawa Knights

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The Ottawa Knights is a Brotherhood which strives to preserve the Leather culture through leadership, camaraderie, education, and Community service.

Ottawa TimeOut Hiking Club

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Ottawa Time Out Hiking Club is a hiking club for members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans community. Trail destinations are mostly parks in Eastern Ontario and West Quebec ranging from nearby Gatineau Park to as far as the Adirondack Mountains in New York state.

Ottawa Wolves Rugby Football Club

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The Ottawa Wolves form a Rugby Football Club for men and women in Canada’s National Capital Region. The Club was founded by Carl Pilon and Jay Smidt in 2008 with the mission to promote and encourage participation in rugby among those who have traditionally been under-represented in the game. The team members are predominantly part of the LGBTQA community, but diverse in its make-up, and inclusive of everyone.

Ottawa-Gatineau Capitals Hockey Club

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The Ottawa-Gatineau Gay Hockey Association (OGGHA) is a not-for-profit organization representing gay hockey in the Ottawa-Gatineau metropolitan area. The association offers a friendly sporting environment to all persons with an interest in ice hockey. The OGGHA offers competitive and recreational levels of play and is committed to fostering and developing its members’ passion for hockey.


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PFLAG Ottawa provides an open and welcoming environment for individuals, parents and families to meet and discuss how to navigate the emotional, societal and practical challenges of living a full and satisfying life in appreciation of the individual expression and experience of sexual identity or sexual orientation.

  • 1‑888‑530‑6777

POWER (Prostitutes of Ottawa-Gatineau Work Educate & Resist)

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A non-profit, voluntary organization founded on February 17th, 2008. Membership is open to individuals of all genders who self-identify as former or current sex workers, regardless of the industry sector in which they work(ed) (i.e. dancers, street level workers, in and out call workers, phone sex, etc.) and to allies who share our vision.
We envision a society in which sex workers are able to practice their professions free of legal and social discrimination, victimization, harassment and violence and in which sex work is valued as legitimate and fulfilling work making an important contribution to society.

Qball (softball)

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Ottawa Q-Ball Softball League is an inclusive recreational softball league for GLBTQ persons and supporters that aims to refine your softball skills in a fun, safe and social environment.

QTPOC++ Social Bees

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This is a social networking forum, for use by qtpoc++ for building solidarity in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. We are building an inclusive community by creating a space for ourselves in this neighbourhood. This is the place where you can shout out for someone to join you for tea or a walk, or at a community event, when you’re tired of feeling alone in the hegemony.

QTY (Queer Trans Youth at Kind)

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Queer Trans Youth is a peer-led discussion and support group for LGBTTQIA youth, ages 25 and under, in Ottawa. It’s Canada’s longest running group for LGBTTQIA youth and by LGBTTQIA youth: a safe space for young people to come for discussions, understanding, support, and most importantly, fun.
WHEN: Wednesdays 7:00–9:30 pm
WHERE: Kind – 222 Somerset St. W, suite 404

  • 613-563-4818

Queer Mafia

Ce groupe fonctionne majoritairement en Anglais.

We are an Ottawa-based network of queer identified individuals who are committed to supporting our community by throwing awesome parties and community events.
Our vision is to host events that unite Ottawa’s queer and social justice networks, build community, and support artists and not-for-profit groups. We do this by employing our collective passions, creativity, and skills to raise awareness for Ottawa-based grassroots organizations.


Ce groupe fonctionne majoritairement en Anglais.

Queering613 is a volunteer-run grassroots community love project committed to connecting LGBTQ+ folks to Ottawa’s queer and trans cultures, organizations and issues. We want to be a community space for connecting, getting together, making, amplifying and learning about Ottawa’s LGBTQ loves and faves, it’s exciting happenings and the issues nearest and dearest to our queer hearts.

Queerios (Kanata)

Groupe de rencontre pour les jeunes LGBTQ+* de 12 à 18 ans

  • Un lieu (plus) « sécuritaire »
  • Le coin idéal pour rencontrer d’autres jeunes
  • Un lieu pour accéder des ressources et recevoir du support du personnel
  • Les jeunes et leurs familles peuvent y obtenir des renseignements sur des ressources et des services communautaires disponibles
  • Inclusion, appartenance, respect


Les jeudis de 18 h à 21 h.
170, rue Castlefrank (Centre communautaire Lion Dick Brule)
Kanata, Ont.

  • 613-591-3686

Rainbow Rockers Curling League

Ce groupe fonctionne majoritairement en Anglais.

Ottawa’s GLBT Curling League. Formed in 2002. Membership is open to GLBT Ottawa community with any level of curling ability. Individuals are welcome to join as a full member or as a spare. Returning members are given the first chance to renew their membership in the league.

Réseau Fierté des Ainé(e)s d’Ottawa

Nous nous sommes engagés à créer des services et programmes ainsi que des milieux sécuritaires pour les aîné(e)s LGBT, par l’entremise d’activités de formation, de sensibilisation et de promotion et défense des droits. Le Réseau Fierté des aîné(e)s (RFAO) vise à établir à Ottawa une communauté solide, interconnectée et visible pour les aîné(e)s queers. Nous approchons notre travail de deux façons.

Rideau Speedeaus

Ce groupe fonctionne majoritairement en Anglais.

The Ottawa Rideau Speedeaus d’Ottawa is a swim team with a difference: it is primarily a gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans swim team, but welcomes members from the straight community too. Our main purpose is to help members reach their swimming goals, be they for competition, recreation or fitness.

Service à la Famille Ottawa

Le service à la famille Ottawa offre une gamme de services sociaux (services de conseil et de soutien) en anglais et en français à tous les résidents d’Ottawa. Des services d’aiguillage sont offerts aux enfants (6 à 12 ans) et aux adolescents, aux adultes, aux couples et aux familles.

  • 613-725-3601 Ext:0

SHAG (Groupe consultatif des jeunes sur la santé sexuelle)

Le Comité consultatif des jeunes sur la santé sexuelle encourage la discussion et l’ouverture sur le sujet de la sexualité des jeunes. Il se concentre surtout sur le sexe et la sexualité et les questions connexes, comme les relations saines et les pratiques sexuelles sans risque.

  • 613-729-1000

Spectrum (YSB)

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Spectrum is an LGBTQ+ community youth group (ages 12-25) held each Tuesday night from 6-8pm at Youth Services Bureau (147 Besserer Street). We are a by-youth for-youth space offering a variety of programming including educational workshops, group discussions, art collaborations, counseling, and peer mentoring. We welcome those who are LGBTQ+ identified as well as people from LGBTQ+ families and other members of the LGBTQ+ community.

  • 613-729-1000

Ten Oaks

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The Ten Oaks Project is a charitable, volunteer-driven organization that engages and connects children and youth from LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirit, queer) communities.

  • 613-614-1537

Tone Cluster (Queer Choir)

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The mission and purpose of the organization is to strive for excellence in music.

Trans Health Information Ottawa (THIO)

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THIO (Trans Health Information Ottawa) is a grassroots initiative that was conceived by members of the Ottawa trans and gender diverse community. It is run by volunteers from Ottawa and surrounding counties who have experience with local barriers to health care access. We meet regularly to strategize and organize on key issues. All trans, Two Spirit, non-binary and gender nonconforming people are welcome to attend.

Venus Envy

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Venus Envy is an award-winning sex shop and bookstore with something for everyone. Anyone who’s turned off by traditional sex shops will find Venus Envy a welcoming and informative place to get cool and sexy stuff.

  • 613-789-4646