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COVID & male sex work: legitimize and destigmatize

By Khaled / July 22, 2021

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has made evident health and economic inequality among different groups of individuals around the world1. Male sex workers, among others, were put in a very delicate situation. The lockdowns and other public health guidelines made it hard for them to practice their work freely, but since sex work is not recognized…

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Change in Executive Director leadership at MAX Ottawa

By Khaled / July 10, 2021

Cliquez ici pour la version française. | Click here for the French version. On behalf of the Board of Directors of MAX Ottawa, I am pleased to announce the appointment of James Demers as MAX’s new Executive Director (ED). James follows MAX’s first ED, Roberto Ortiz Núñez, who left the organization in September 2020, for…

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Do the bump. The booty bump that is…

By Khaled / June 17, 2021

French version/Version française: Consuming a substance anally, often called booty bumping, is an under-discussed and under-researched topic when it comes to PNP. With booty bumping, the taboo of substance use intersects with the taboo of anal sex, and often this method of consumption is only talked about in PNP spaces and by 2SLGBTQ+ organizations,…

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Quick look at SMASH 2021

By Khaled / April 9, 2021

This year, MAX Ottawa had the pleasure of attending the SMASH (Sommet Montréalais d’Action pour la Santé des Hommes ayant des relations sexuelles ou amoureuses avec d’autres hommes) in its 2021 online edition, organized by RÉZO. After the 2020 edition, full of critical information, this year, SMASH is back (March 18-19) with a varied program…

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Peer Support: A way to connect.

By Khaled / March 22, 2021

Being a newcomer and finding community and resources can be difficult, especially coming from a country that is not queer-friendly. It is for this reason that I am thankful to MAX, as I have found every space created and run by MAX to be warm, inviting and caring. The peer support program at MAX is…

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Neg-otiating poz spaces: Four mistakes we don’t have to make

By Khaled / March 9, 2021

What do you think — is PnP a poz space? The party scene never belonged exclusively to HIV-positive guys (and nor do all such guys party), but it’s not wrong to say that PnP is uniquely poz-friendly. For a long time, chemsex was radically more welcoming than nearly all other social or sexual spaces for queer…

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Peer Support: Why I’m here to listen

By Khaled / February 16, 2021

My name is Matt (he/him) and I first became involved with MAX as a Peer Support volunteer in the summer of 2020. I was very excited to see the notice that MAX was searching for Peer Support volunteers, as I had been searching for an opportunity like this since moving to Ottawa.  Peer Support was…

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Updates from Acting Executive Director

By Khaled / October 17, 2020

Greetings, While I understand that these are unprecedented times, I sincerely hope you are staying safe, connected and finding support in ways that are meaningful. From isolation and stress to financial insecurity, the pandemic has certainly affected all of us in a number of ways. I’ve seen the numbers and it is assured that the…

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Giving Back with MAX

By Khaled / September 29, 2020

Supporting health and wellness for guys into guys  As the pandemic rages on, affecting every part of our society, one thing remains steadily true:  the queer community continues to be one of the hardest hit. Due to COVID-19, queer people face more challenges with employment security, financial security, and physical and mental health.  Impact of…

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Two guys into guys being sexually healthy in bed together

Category is…Rapid Test Realness

By Khaled / September 3, 2020

Wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, and social distancing aren’t the only ways you can take charge of your health. For the GBTQ2 community, COVID-19 hits close to home, reminiscent of the spread of HIV almost forty years ago. It was a shapeless power that stigmatized an entire community. In the first five years, the…

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