MAX is excited to announce the opening of the In-Person and Online Harm Reduction Dispensing Program called Tea2GO

Want to order harm reduction supplies to your home?

Please fill out our online ordering form here.

Please note that deliveries to apartment buildings will be made to a lobby or front entrance.

Want to pick up harm reduction supplies in person?

To book an appointment to pick up harm reduction supplies in person please email m.adams@maxottawa.ca or call at 613.701.6555 ext 103.


If you can’t book an appointment but still need harm reduction supplies then please come to our office Wednesdays from 12pm to 8pm or Friday from 12pm to 8pm.

Please note, you will need to wear a mask in order to pick up supplies.


MAX Office

400 Cooper St, Unit 9004

Ottawa, ON, K2P 2H8

Interested in Self Guided Naloxone Training ?

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Want to learn about Naloxone from the comfort of your home and at your own pace?


MAX is excited to offer the first online, self-guided Naloxone training course!

Click here to register for a free Naloxone course. It does require an email and a name in order to take the training.


Don’t want to give out your name and email? Since the CANVAS website doesn’t send any authentication or spam, feel free to use a temporary email and an alias.

Want a temporary email to register, check out TempMail for a free, anonymous email.


If you are looking to get some Naloxone kits before or after training, feel free to order some through our Harm Reduction Dispensing Program.

New!! Harm Reduction resources!!

We have created a new page for all of the harm reduction resources available in Ottawa and in Gatineau. Check out the new harm reduction resource page.

What is harm reduction?

Harm reduction is the practice of providing tools and resources to folks in our community in an effort to promote their wellbeing. This can be related to substance use, sex, hormone injections, or any combination of these activities.

What supplies do you have?

  • Condoms
  • Lube
  • Fisting Gloves
  • Booty Bumping Kits
  • GHB Dosing Kits
  • Snorting Kits
  • Meth pipes
  • Insulin syringes
  • Needle Tips
  • Syringes
  • Alcohol pads
  • Tourniquets
  • Naloxone kits
  • and more

For a full list of supplies, please check out the supply order form here.

What if I don’t want a kit since I need just a few specific supplies?

You can always “Build your own kit” with just the tools you need. Through our online ordering form, you can select individual items and how many you would like so we will only send you what you need. When you are picking up in person, you can simply ask for whichever supplies you need.


When are supplies delivered?

Deliveries are based on our volunteers’ availability, but deliveries would be made Wednesday evenings. If you live outside of Ottawa (like in Gatineau, Cornwall, Pembroke, Carleton Place, etc), or if we don’t have volunteers available that day, we will send your order through the post.


Are deliveries discreet?

We only use plain packaging to deliver your orders. We seal the deliveries and only write the name provided and the street address on the package. We also encourage the use of a pseudonym when ordering if you need extra discretion.


Will I be contacted when deliveries are made?

We do encourage you to provide an email or telephone number for us to contact you when deliveries are on their way to you.


Are the supplies free?

Yes. All of the supplies are free.


Can I pick up extra supplies for folks in my network?

Absolutely! If you know others in your network who could use some supplies, we would be happy to give you extra supplies.


What if I am a trans guy, or someone who injects for performance, can I order supplies?

Yes, you definitely can! Simply fill out the online order form and we will be happy to ship your supplies to you. We will also have these supplies available for in-person pick up.


Is this a supervised consumption site?

No, unfortunately, this is not a supervised consumption site. To visit a supervised consumption site, check out:

Somerset West Community Health Center Overdose Prevention Services
55 Eccles St
Open 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.

Sandy Hill Community Health Center
221 Nelson St
Open 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.


What if I want harm reduction supplies outside of MAX’s hours?

Luckily there are other harm reduction services across the city that operate on a range of days and hours. See the links below for more information:


Tool Shed, Mon-Fri, 1-5pm;




I live in an apartment building. How will my order be delivered?

Orders will be delivered to the front lobby or entrance of a building. Our volunteers will not be able to enter the building and deliver to your door. They will buzz, if a buzz number is provided, to let you know the order has arrived.


What if I’m not comfortable having my delivery left in the lobby?

For small orders, we can send your order through the mail so it will arrive discreetly in your mailbox.

For really large orders, we might suggest picking them up at MAX’s Office.

Any concerns around delivery, please contact Mat Adams at m.adams@maxottawa.ca.


What time should I expect my deliveries?

Deliveries will be made on Wednesdays between 4pm - 8pm. If you have a specific time you would be home, please put it in the Delivery Instructions when filling out your order.


What day should I expect my deliveries?

Depending on what day you place your order, we will try to have it delivered the next dispensing day. If the order is received on a Wednesday morning we will try to get it out the same day.

Mail deliveries can take between 2-5 business days.


Harm Reduction Supplies

Harm Reduction Supplies

MAX's harm reduction supply delivery service is now available to GBT2Q guys in Ottawa and Gatineau.

Deliveries are made on Wednesdays,  depending on volunteer availability. If there is no volunteer available, we will mail the supplies to you.

Use the form below to request harm reduction. A member of our team will bring them to you and drop them off at the entrance of your home, for contactless delivery.

All shipments or drop-offs are done using discrete packaging. Feel free to use a fake name for increased confidentiality.

If you have any questions, please reach the Harm Reduction Programs Coordinator: m.adams@maxottawa.ca or by calling Mat Adams at 613.701.6555 ext 103

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