Request for Proposals: 2025 Strategic Planning

Request for Proposals: 2025 Strategic Planning

Tuesday March 12, 2024


MAX Ottawa Community Health has been working to improve the health and wellbeing of queer and trans men in the National Capital Region for over 20 years. As a community-based organization with a history in the HIV response, MAX is on the ground, meeting community members where they’re at, and offering social and support services, information, and referrals that meet their needs. MAX also works with healthcare and other service providers to improve the quality of care available in the region. 

The organization’s previous strategic plan, developed for 2019-2022, set out five key pillars of work. While this plan was interrupted by the onset of COVID and subsequent changes to the healthcare landscape in Ontario, the core issues laid out in the plan remain pressing today. 

We are inviting qualified consultants to support and facilitate a strategic planning process to guide our work in the coming years, building off of our previous plan. This process will be comprehensive and will include a review of our organization’s mission, values, and objectives. The selected consultant will work closely with our leadership team and stakeholders to develop a clear strategic plan and accompanying implementation plan, beginning in 2025 and ending in either 2028 or 2030. 

As an organization focused on queer and trans men, we are especially keen to work with 2SLGBTQIA+ consultants.


The primary objectives of this project include: 

  • A comprehensive review of MAX’s mission, vision, and values;
  • A clear and actionable strategic plan with measurable objectives, timelines, and outcomes; and
  • An implementation plan outlining the steps, responsibilities, and resources required to execute the strategic plan effectively.

Scope of Work

The consultant will work closely with members of the MAX team, including the Executive Director and members of the Board of Directors’ Strategic Planning Committee, on the following tasks: 

  • Reviewing relevant organizational documents, including the mission statement, previous strategic plan, annual reports, key informant interviews, community surveys, and other materials; 
  • Conducting stakeholder interviews and/or surveys to gather input on organizational strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and needs; 
  • Engaging stakeholders, including Board members, staff, volunteers, clients, partners, funders, and community members in the strategic planning process;
  • Conducting an environmental/landscape scan; 
  • Facilitating strategic planning sessions to identify key priorities, goals, and directions for the organization; 
  • Drafting a new strategic plan; and
  • Working with the Executive Director and other identified staff to develop an implementation plan.

Timelines and Deliverables

RFP Released

Proposal Submission Deadline


Selection and Awarding of Contract

Initial meeting with MAX to review workplan
and implementation timelines

Strategic Planning Activities

Delivery of draft Strategic Plan

Delivery of final Strategic plan

Delivery of draft Implementation Plan

Delivery of final Implementation Plan

March 12, 2024

March 26, 2024

Week of April 8, 2024

Week of April 15, 2024

Week of April 29, 2024

May to August 2024

September 3, 2024

September 30, 2024

December 16, 2024

February 10, 2025

Qualifications and Considerations

We welcome consultants that bring the following experiences and skills to their work:

  • Lived experience as a 2SLGBTQIA+ person or significant familiarity with the lived experiences of 2SLGBTQIA+ people;
  • Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the non-profit sector, in particular non-profit organizations that focus on health care, sexual health—including HIV, and community development on a local level;
  • Previous experience leading strategic planning processes;
  • Strong facilitation skills that help produce creative and innovative ideas and foster connection and collaboration;
  • Ability to constructively challenge stakeholders toward a better collective outcome;
  • A personal drive to make data gathering and decision-making inclusive of many voices and perspectives, and to use data to inform strategy and direction;
  • Significant experience in engagement, with the ability to work collaboratively and engage diverse communities—including 2SLGBTQIA+, Indigenous, Black, racialized, immigrant, and Francophone communities—and the ability to work from an intersectional, anti-racist, anti-oppressive framework;
  • French language proficiency to ensure meaningful engagement of Francophone individuals and groups. If core consulting team members do not have French language proficiency, some mechanisms to address this must be named (e.g., working collaboratively with a French language contractor for specific interviews and focus groups);
  • Ability to manage multiple, competing projects in order to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality final products.

Proposal Requirements

The proposal should not exceed 7 pages in total (using 11 pt font). Applicant CVs or
resumes, as well as the sample of work can be included as appendices (with appendices
not exceeding 7 pages).

  1. Name and contact information
  2. Applicant experience
    • Short description of the applicant’s work, including experience in similar projects and experience in engaging diverse stakeholders (in particular the 2SLGBTQIA+ community).
  3. Proposal
    • Overview of the applicant’s understanding of the scope and requirements of the project, and the approach that the applicant will take.
    • A work plan that takes into account the deliverables and implementation timelines.
    • A breakdown of the tasks, showing the amount of time each member of the consulting team will spend on this project.
  4. A budget for the total cost of the work, including all personnel, materials, and other expenditures.
  5. Names and contact information of two (2) references for whom the applicant has completed relevant projects.
  6. Three (3) samples of strategic planning related products produced by the applicant. These can be included as appendices, or with links to reports.


There is a maximum budget of $22,500 to support the strategic planning process, including
translation and stakeholder remuneration.

Assessment Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Consultant’s qualifications and experience in strategic planning for non-profit organizations, in particular those operating in the HIV and community health sectors;
  • Clarity and feasibility of the proposed approach and timeline;
  • Demonstrated understanding of our organization’s mission, values, and goals;
  • References from past clients;
  • Proposed budget.

Instructions for Submission

  1. Proposal Submission Deadline
    March 26, 2024
  2. Inquiries
    Questions regarding this RFP should be directed to:
  3. Conditions of Proposal
    All costs incurred in the preparation of a response to this RFP are the responsibility of the bidder and will not be reimbursed by MAX Ottawa.
  4. Submission Instructions
    Please submit electronically to Each submission will be acknowledged by email.
  5. Conflict of Interest
    Please indicate if you or your firm has any conflict of interest with MAX Ottawa, including with the leadership team or Board of Directors. The review committee reserves the right to make ineligible any applicant with a conflict of interest that may limit or affect the quality of the strategic planning process.
  6. Notification of Selection
    A selection committee will evaluate and rank proposals and may request interviews with finalists. References will be contacted for all finalists. The final selection of the committee will be reviewed by MAX Ottawa’s Board of Directors. All applicants will receive written notification of MAX Ottawa’s decision.

Click here for the Request for Proposals PDF.