MAX Ottawa

We’re Ottawa’s Health Connection For Guys Into Guys

We’re front line

MAX is on the ground in the Ottawa region, reaching out to guys into guys where they meet and socialize, raising awareness, providing prevention and education materials, and getting them connected to information and resources.

We have great services for you

MAX offers individual, group, and community support and education services by and for guys into guys in the Ottawa region; and we work with the health care providers that serve them.

Our vision

We envision a community of self-affirming guys into guys caring for ourselves, caring for each other, and enjoying complete health equity.

Our mission

To champion improved health outcomes of guys into guys in the Ottawa area, living with HIV or not, through building awareness and improving system responsiveness within a dynamic networked and partnership model.

Meet The Team

Our team is made up of passionate and engaged guys into guys or allies, working as directors, staff or volunteers, contributing to our communities’ health and wellness.

Our History

The Ottawa Gay Men’s Wellness Initiative (OGMWI) was founded in 2002 by community members advocating for a more holistic vision of gay men’s health.

Our Strategic Plan

MAX wanted to share our strategic plan as widely as possible for many reasons. One, as a THANK YOU gift to all of the people who shared their time and words with us. Two, we want to be held accountable to what guys into guys told us they wanted and needed in order to achieve maximum health and wellness. Three, we want to make sure that listening to community needs remains a constant priority for us.