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Keeping it 100

Keeping it 100

A Black Queer Male Discussion Group

Keeping it 100 (K1) is an ACB (African, Caribbean, Black) GBTQ (gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning, DL, etc) peer discussion group.

We cover a wide range of rotating topics in a group led discussion. Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment to talk about issues that affect ACB guys into guys. We accomplish this by supporting one another, increasing the representation of the Black, Queer male experience, and help inform others of the unique experiences and needs we have.

Keeping it 100 (K1) is an African, Caribbean, Black (ACB) guy into guys discussion group. Started and ran by ACB queer men, K1 provides a safe place to engage in meaningful discussion and community building around the unique issues we experience.

Upcoming Events

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Contact MAX for details or schedule changes.

Phone: 613-701-6555

What is Keeping it 100?

Keeping it 100, or K1 for short, is a Black guy into guys peer discussion group. To participate, email Robert at for ZOOM link. You can also contact MAX via email, phone, or social media and anyone can give you more information. 


Who is welcome to attend?

K1 is open to any cis, trans, gender nonbinary person who identifies as gay, bi-sexual, queer, questioning or other same gender loving identities. 

While we center masculine perspectives, Black women and femme folks are always welcome to join our discussion. 

We use Black to be  inclusive of African, Caribbean, Black, Afro-Latino, Afro-Indigenous, bi-racial, mixed rac, and other members of the African diaspora. 


When does K1 meet?

In 2021, K1 is meeting every 3rd Thursday of the month from 6:30-8:30 via ZOOM. When it’s safe to meet in person, we will announce a physical location


What is the goal of K1?

K1’s goal is to provide a welcoming environment to talk about issues that affect Black guys into guys. For many of us, we often feel we have to be choose to be Black or Gay/Queer/Etc. 

At K1, we can bring our whole selves, meet new people, and discover ways to take care of ourselves. 


What happens at K1? 

We talk, share, laugh and learn from guest facilitators and speakers and amongst ourselves. We cover a wide range of rotating topics in a group led discussion. Topics are decided upon by the group.


What if I’m new?

New members are always welcome. We know it can be challenging to attend something for the first time, but we make all efforts to make people feel welcome and appreciated. 


What have other said about K1 in 2020?

  • K1 is an important space for connection, validation, and community-building among ACB guys into guys. The program must be supported to continue this important work!
  • What I like most about K1 is folks share experience and knowledge freely
  • K1 is extremely meaningful. Had made me feel connected and accepted in the LGBTQ community - a privilege often stolen from Black gbmsm (gay, bi-sexual, and other men who have sex with men) due to the prevalence of anti-black racism in mainstream LGBTQ spaces.
  • K1 felt real to me...a new home
  • K1 is a needed source of relief to share, reflect, and laugh among people that care.

Is K1 only in English?

K1 does take place mostly in Engish, although many people who attend are bi-lingual or Francohpone. We welcome people to express themselves in thier language of choice and we translate amongst ourselves. 

If you’d be interested in facilitating in French, don’t hesitate to reach out. 


When did it start?

It was started in 2016 by black gay and queer men who wanted a regular day and time to talk and learn amongst themselves. It was a pilot project that has become a regular part of MAX programming.