Are you into Wax Play?

Hi Kinky friends!

Today, I’m excited to talk to you about Wax Play and how to play safely! What is Wax Play? Wax Play is a form of kink considered by some people to spice things up.
Are you ready? Have a cool cloth, a first aid kid nearby, a fire extinguisher, and access to water (just in case) NOW let’s start talking about fun and safe wax play.

Wax play connects responses of pain and pleasure, and can be an arousing exploration full of endorphin-releasing sensations. It can be incorporated into a larger scene, wax play can be a fun solo, partnered, or group activity. With safety precautions and continued consent in place, Wax play involves pouring hot wax on yourself or a partner’s body when you’re getting intimate. With safety precautions and continued consent in place.

What’s important to know? Make sure you opt for candles specifically designed for wax play and not old candles you may have at home. Since wax can get pretty stubborn once it’s hardened—which is important to note for folks with body hair—be ready with tools to help you remove it, like a loofah. It is also crucial to keep hot wax away from the face and eyes, as well as any open wounds or openings of your genitals including the anus, urethra, and vagina. Hot wax can cause damage to these highly sensitive areas as well as disruptions in natural PH levels.
Be mindful that some skin, like the area around your genitals, armpits, and backs of knees, will be more sensitive to temperature than others. Moreover, dripping wax directly onto the body can feel very different than allowing it to roll down the skin. You could try layering the wax spots, rubbing the wax in, or even blindfolding your partner so they have to anticipate when the next drop will fall.

Any tips? Try prepping your skin with lotion, oil, or silicone lube to vary the sensation and help with wax removal. If you’re using oil, make sure the oil is fully absorbed to avoid hot spots. If you anticipate your play being messy, avoid rooms with carpeting. Wax is a nightmare to remove from carpets and rugs so opt for a wooden or tile floor space. Test out the first drip on yourself rather than someone else first, it helps create a pain threshold and helps the dominant understand the sensations that their partner will possibly feel.

Now go have (safe) fun!