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Two guys into guys being sexually healthy in bed together

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By Khaled / September 3, 2020

Wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, and social distancing aren’t the only ways you can take charge of your health. For the GBTQ2 community, COVID-19 hits close to home, reminiscent of the spread of HIV almost forty years ago. It was a shapeless power that stigmatized an entire community. In the first five years, the…

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Sexual Health Testing Services in Ottawa

By Khaled / June 15, 2020

Dear Dr. Etches,  First off, on behalf of MAX Ottawa, I wish to extend my sincere gratitude for the work and great efforts you and the rest of the Ottawa Public Health team have expended to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our communities in these challenging and unprecedented times. It has been a…

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letter U next to an equal sign and that's next to another U. U=U or undectable equals untransmittable

MAX Ottawa Endorses the Undetectable = Untransmittable Consensus Statement

By Khaled / November 14, 2017

MAX (formerly the Ottawa Gay Men’s Wellness Initiative) seeks to address the unmet health needs of gay, bisexual, two-spirit, queer, and other guys who are into guys, whether cis or trans (GBT2Q), in the Ottawa area. We focus particularly on building resiliency, and creating a network of services able to support and promote GBT2Q men’s…

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ready for some pillow talk?

Hey doctor, I’m cheating on you

By Khaled / March 2, 2017

That’s right, you’re not the only one in my life. I know I am supposed to come to you, my family doctor, for any health issue but when it comes to my gay sex life I go to another clinic, a community-based sexual health clinic in downtown. You are probably wondering why. Well, honestly, I’m…

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