Harm Reduction Supply Packing Party

So far in 2019, MAX Ottawa has distributed 13,584 harm reduction supplies! How do we keep up? With the help of volunteers and community members such as yourself! 

Harm Reduction Supply Packing Party

On November 28, 2019, we hosted a harm reduction packing party. Fourteen people attended along with MAX’s staff Mohamad, Josh, and Robert. We made over 900 safer snorting kits, safer booty bumping kits, and of course condom and lube packets. 

Along with our larger Spill the Tea party injection and inhalation kits, these supplies help our community not just party…but party safer! Thank you to those who came. Everyone is welcome to attend our condom packing events so join us at the next one. 

How to Get What You Need:

Need some supplies? Don’t hesitate to schedule a pickup, or come in during normal business hours. We also are building up an outreach team to keep local bars and social venues supplies with what you need. Reach out to Mohamad, our Community Engagement Support Coordinator, who can get you started with volunteering.