Reflections from Peer Facilitation

Hey! I’m William and my pronouns are he/him. For the past 2 months this past fall 2019, I co-facilitated a peer discussion group centred on anxiety. 

My Role at MAX

As a co-facilitator, I assisted in the coordination of discussions to combat anxiety-based stressors through cognitive-behavioural activities, mindfulness meditation, and peer support. 

It has been a privilege co-facilitating a discussion for guys into guys. I’m aware of the struggle surrounding access to spaces that fully embrace who we are. To be seen among others privy to the nuances surrounding our lived experiences creates an advanced level of security that I believe is crucial to our advancement. 

What I learned…

Working with MAX has only solidified my commitment to community-based endeavours. This has reinforced my passion for hearing others’ stories. I learned a lot from the brave men who participated in the group. It just goes to show that these spaces hold the opportunity for us to grow in ways one couldn’t imagine. For that, I’m truly thankful.

There was fear surrounding my decision to work within the community because of the responsibilities that such a presence bared in mind. This choice wasn’t just about me as it involved the wellbeing of others, which was nerve-wracking. Through reflection, however, I realized how vital it was to embrace this fear so I could challenge parts of myself that I hadn’t fully explored. 

While fear can instill safety, it can also hold us back from opportunities to excel. The wonderful thing about MAX is the fact that it’s a team centred on camaraderie. Regardless of one’s hesitation, there are people in your corner who’ll provide the support you need to persist – which is incredibly rewarding.

Next Steps…

It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of such a firm yet welcoming presence like MAX. I’m eager to see what journey will unfold in the future and I’m looking forward to seeing the exciting, new faces that’ll enter the fold as well.