SEX after METH

Lights are dim. Music is loud. Sweat and sex in the air. Naked bodies grinding. Hard cocks. Bottoms up. Fucking for hours. “Clouds” in the sky.

But what happens after the parTy?

The room is silent. Foul odors plague the nose. Haven’t slept in days. Crystal dick. Will I ever experience that again? I need to experience that again. 

Men can decide to leave the parTy for any number of reasons, and for those that decide to seek out life beyond the PnP scene, there can be many challenges. Making new friends, finding recovery programs where they feel safe to express their wants and desires, combatting triggers, and wondering what life will be like. Among the top and most expressed frustrations of men who have sex with men is wondering what it will be like to have sex without meth – or if they will even feel sexual ever again. 

The massive amount of chemicals that flood the brain during meth use is only amplified in a sexual setting. The two mixed together is a potent combination that can make sober sex feel inferior and less pleasurable, making the risk for repeated use skyrocket. 

While a lot of treatment and recovery programs will help with stopping meth use, they often forget to address the connection between a person’s substance use and sexuality. 

Knowing that there is this gap in service, MAX Ottawa offers After the ParTy, an 8-week program for guys into guys who have stopped or want to stop using meth in order to focus on the possibilities of sex without meth. This is done in a private confidential setting, creating room for support when tackling these changes head-on.

This is a closed group, meaning each 8-week session requires registration. There is a limit of 6 participants, so register early to secure your spot! We offer this group a few times a year, with options for in-person or online meetings – so you can sign up any time. 

Once registered for this free group, we will let you know when our next session is, and get you started on your goals. 

To register, fill out our intake form here.

After the ParTy welcomes all guys into guys – cis, trans and non-binary. 

This group is open to folks both in and outside of Ottawa, with a preference for in-person or online sessions – your choice! Currently, we are only able to offer this program in English. 

A digital copy of the guide will be provided for participants. Once the group starts, we will meet every Monday for 8 weeks, at 6:30 pm and each meeting lasts for 90 minutes.

Jonathan Langille