Volunteer Week 2020

Happy National Volunteer Week to all of MAX Ottawa Volunteers!

Volunteers play a crucial part in the daily life of MAX and we want to celebrate all that they do for the community. We cannot do our work without our volunteers.

For that reason, we launched a social media campaign that showcases their volunteering experience, their motivation factors, and the positive impact it has on their lives. 

Read what MAX volunteers shared with us and get inspired to join our team or another organization you think is doing great work!

2020 Volunteer Week photo of Jeffrey

My name is Jeffrey Maher and this is my story with MAX Ottawa. I volunteer with Outreach, harm reduction, and web teams.

I wanted to join MAX  as a volunteer so I could feel more connected to our community. I chose to volunteer at MAX after attending some of their free programs for guys into guys. I really liked the people facilitating, the volunteers and I am generally interested in the subjects they were talking about. It was also nice chatting with guys my age outside of the bar/Grindr scene and to have open conversations about mental health and well being.

MAX has helped me feel appreciated. Since volunteering at MAX, I feel like a community player and not just a spectator. I have met so many new people, great people, who care about me and how I’m doing. It’s great to work with guys who share the same passions and interests and help others connect to programs and services about their mental health and well being. 

MAX has helped me feel proud in the work that I do.  I enjoy doing outreach and meeting new people at events and filling them in on the programs and services that MAX offers. I enjoy working on the website to ensure the information is easily accessible for everyone so they can join MAX at one of their community events. I like talking with guys through the harm reduction program and telling them tips and tricks to help them party more safely. Volunteering at MAX is a rewarding feeling and my hope is that I can make a difference in someone else’s life.

2020 Volunteer Week with Jason

My name is Jason McCallum and this is my story with MAX Ottawa.

I started off volunteering for MAX Ottawa as part of the Spill The Tea initiative. I enjoyed giving back to the community and the people at MAX Ottawa are truly amazing. Everyone I’ve worked with at MAX Ottawa genuinely cares about our community.  They inspired me to get more involved to find ways to make a difference in the lives of others.

Now I’m part of the Fundraising and Donor Development Committee and I’m working with MAX Ottawa to secure funding to allow MAX to do even more.

202- volunteer week with Leonard

My name is Leonard and I focus on fundraising to help ensure that the fantastic programs at MAX are supported by a comprehensive strategy in line with our mission and goals.

I’ve recently shared a blog piece about my fundraising experience for MAX Ottawa, and why I enjoy being a part of the fundraising committee. 

Thank you for reading!

If you want to be part of our team check out our volunteer page , complete the volunteer application or contact mohamad@maxottawa.ca