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Have an idea on how you can improve the health and well-being of guys into guys?

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Community MAXimizers are community leaders that help promote the health and well being of GBT2Q guys in the Ottawa region. If you have a project in mind and want to become a community MAXimizer, we can help you get started!

This micro-grant program helps fund and foster community-led social spaces and connections. Since this program started, we have supported 12 community MAXimizer projects with approximately $8,000!

Listed below are some examples. Read through and get inspired! 
Applications can be completed and returned to Matthew or Mohamad, our Community Engagement staff members, or pick one up in our office! We also have answers to frequently asked questions about the program.

Keeping 100 poster for Community MAXimizer Program

MAXimizer Program 1 Keeping it 100 Pilot: November to December 2017 Added to permanent MAX programming in February 2018 “Keeping it 100 (K1) is an ACB (African, Caribbean, Black) GBTQ (gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning, DL, etc) peer discussion group. We cover a wide range of rotating topics in a group led discussion. Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment to talk about issues that affect ACB guys into guys. We accomplish this by supporting one another, increasing the representation of the Black, Queer male experience, and help inform others of the unique experiences and needs we have. How to get more information? Contact MAX Ottawa 6134403237, Robert @ or our website at”

The Sahra poster for Community MAXimizer Program

The Sahra
February – March 2018

“The Sahra was a group of GBTQ guys into guys who identify as Middle Eastern who met weekly to watch a movie and had a discussion about the experiences of Middle Eastern guys in the GBT2Q world.”

Gay Muslim Cooking Nightposter for Community MAXimizer Program

Gay Muslim Cooking Night
January to February 2018

“MAX Ottawa and Gay Muslims United organized the Gay Muslims Communal Cooking night. Participants did not have to be Muslim in order to join. Participants were asked to submit their recipes by email, so that MAX Ottawa could cover all of the costs of the food. Participants met in a downtown building, cooked together, ate together, and learned about Muslim Communal lifestyle.”

Gaie, Francophones et Fiersposter for Community MAXimizer Program

Gaie, Francophones et Fiers
Pilot: March 2018
After the successful pilot, a second edition was held in March 2019 

“Gay, Francophone and Proud is a dinner, community village and entertainment event for the francophone and francophile GBT2Q guys into guys in Gatineau and Ottawa. It has been a recurring event every year since 2018.

Don’t forget to participate in the other activities for the French-speaking gay group of the outaouais. Ask to be a member of the group

Now What poster for Community MAXimizer Program

Now What!?
April to June 2018
Added to permanent MAX programming July 2018

“A casual discussion and social group for gay and male-identified adults aged 40 and above. 

Would you like to broaden your social circle but haven’t done that for so long that it seems challenging? Maybe it’s time to step a bit outside your comfort zone and come to a gathering.

As maturing members of the gay community, we come together to create a welcoming environment where we can reduce isolation and expand our network of friends.

Please join us. We’re a friendly bunch!”

MAXPress Yourself poster for Community MAXimizer Program

MAXpress Yourself
October 2018 to December 2018
Added to permanent MAX programming in February 2019

“MAXpress Yourself is an arts-based social program for guys who live, work or play in Ottawa and who are into other guys. This is a free, drop-in monthly workshop presented by Max Ottawa. Previous artistic experience is not required.

MAXPress Yourself! presently meets every second Tuesday of each month to make your own original creation or a fabulous mess! Regardless if you are a social butterfly or the shy and quiet type, young or young at heart, all are welcome! Workshops are instructed by local artist/puppeteer Mikey Artelle. All project supplies are provided by MAX Ottawa!”

MAX At The Movies poster for Community MAXimizer Program

MAX at the Movies
February-March, 2019

MAX at the Movies was a free social event for guys into guys, who live, work or play in Ottawa. After the movie, group members had an open group discussion about the film. 

Hygge Homesharingposter for Community MAXimizer Program

Hygge Homesharing
March 2019

“Hygge Homesharing, pronounced HUE-GAH, is the Danish word for coziness. The founder, CJ Blake, aims to provide social support by pairing students and seniors in co-housing relationships. Through the community MAXimizer grant, CJ was able to do some community and partners consultations and to start conversations around 2SLGBTQ+ housing both within the community and with relevant stakeholders.”

For more information on how Hygge Homesharing has continued to develop, check out their website:

Comrfotable in His Own Skinposter for Community MAXimizer Program

Comfortable in His Own Skin
May 2019

“Imagine you’ve decided to take the radical decision to lose 300lbs and alter your body in the quest to be healthier and live longer – only to find that the new body you have brings a whole new set of challenges to how you see yourself. What would you do?

If you are Angus Wright, you agree to go to a stranger’s home, take off all your clothes, and let her make huge photographs of you!

This was an opportunity to learn how Ottawa photographer Ruth Steinberg and Angus worked together to coax the beauty out of a body that Angus was reluctant to look at himself. There was also a moderated artist talk and panel discussion on the male nude in photography, masculinity, gender performance, and body image.”

Qu'art Queer Communitty poster for Community MAXimizer Program

Qu’ART Queer Community Gardening Club
July 2019

“Qu’ART’s Queer Community Gardening Club aimed to mix fun volunteer gardening work in local Ottawa community plots with learning, socializing, and fun intergenerational knowledge-sharing. Folks met at the Centretown Community Garden Project and all supplies and tools were provided All queer people of any age were welcome to apply with a commitment to 2 or 3 flexible volunteer hours a week during the summer to help take care of the garden plot.

Have you been looking for a queer-focused Dungeons and Dragons Campaign? ⠀
Heard all the hype about Dungeons and Dragons and wanted a queer-friendly space for you to explore the most magical and epic game on planet Earth?⠀

This Community MAXimizer program, hosted at Centertown Community Health Centre, was created to answer “Yes!” to the above questions. Daddies and Dragons begin a campaign to stamp a GBT2S+ face onto D&D!⠀

Beginners are VERY welcome, as are experts! No equipment required!⠀

Held November 2019-January 2020

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